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Techne Liquid Calibration Baths

The Techne liquid calibration bath (LCB) series offer compact, accurate and reliable liquid baths which can be used for external circulation or temperature calibration of thermal sensors.

the entire temperature range. The LCBs can be also be used for external circulation to maintain temperatures of samples in viscometers, photometers, refractometers, fermenters and other reaction vessels.

All models of LCB offer exceptional thermal stability from -35C to 250C. The baths are fully insulated on all sides and base and are fitted with a cooling coil for connection to a cold water supply for use at temperatures around ambient. The minimum temperature achievable is -35C when a Dip or Flow Cooler is added to the system.

Each bath is supplied complete with lid, drain tap, carry handles, a cooling coil and hole with bung to position a certified sensor.

The TechneWorks software package is available for the TU-20 thermoregulators free of charge.

  -35?degC to 250 degC
  Three different capacities available; 5, 7 or 12 litres
  Temperature stability; ?+/-0.005?degC depending on choice of control unit
  Fully insulated bath for excellent heat retention
  Analogue or digital temperature selection, depending on choice of control unit
  Includes cover, lid and bridging plate

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Data Sheet

Ordering Information

FBCAL05D LCB insulated liquid calibration bath with cooling coil, 5 litre capacity
FBCAL07D LCB insulated liquid calibration bath with cooling coil, 7 litre capacity
FBCAL12D LCB insulated liquid calibration bath with cooling coil, 12 litre capacity
FFLAT08 Flat Lid, 8 litre size
FFLAT12 Flat Lid, 12 litre size
FFLAT18 Flat Lid, 18 and 26 litre size
FFLAT48 Flat Lid, 48 litre size
FGABLE08 Gabled Lid, 8 litre size
FGABLE12 Gabled Lid, 12 litre size
FGABLE18 Gabled Lid, 18 and 26 litre size
FGABLE48 Gabled Lid, 48 litre size
FADJ08 Adjustable Tray, 8 litre size
FADJ12 Adjustable Tray, 12 litre size
FADJ18 Adjustable Tray, 18 litre size
FADJ26 Adjustable Tray, 26 litre size
FADJ48 Adjustable Tray, 48 litre size
F840D Polypropylene spheres, 250x25mm diameter

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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