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Techne FB-08LT Fluidised Bath

The FB-08LT Fluidised bath is a rectangular bench standing unit. It incorporates a cylindrical fluidised bath, three term digital set point controller, digital temperature indicator and two flowmeters for regulating fluidised air and liquid nitrogen (LN2) supply respectively.

  Temperature range -100degC to 200degC
  Control stability, as good as +/-0.2degC
  Working volume diameter x depth 165 x 385mm
  Built in air dryer
  Digital temperature indication
  Digital temperature set point

This model is specially designed for low temperature operation down to -100degC but is also capable of operating up to +200degC. The unit includes all of the special features listed for Model FB-08 fluidised bath.

The method of operation is similar to Model FB-08 except that it has provision for connection to a liquid nitrogen (LN2) supply and is fitted with an air drying system (compactly mounted on the back of the unit). An air dryer is necessary to avoid condensation of water when the fluidising air at ambient temperature is introduced into the cold fluidised bed. The LN2 supply is regulated by a flowmeter on the front of the unit (which actually controls the flow of nitrogen gas leaving the bath) and the gas is exhausted together with fluidising air (which has passed through the bed) to atmosphere. At low temperatures the top opening of the bed is completely closed, using the blanking plate provided, to avoid warm ambient air being drawn into the bed. The LN2 flows in a helical tube wrapped around the outside of the cylindrical stainless steel container holding the fluidised bed. Temperature is sensed by a platinum resistance thermometer and is indicated on a large digital display.

The entire system is completely selfcontained. All that is required is a supply of liquid nitrogen and air, an electrical supply and you have a dry, safe calibration bath working down to -100degC with considerable precision.

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Sensors for calibration should be suspended as close as possible to the centre of the working volume. Nothing should be put into the bath which obstructs more than one third of the cross-sectional area of the fluidised medium.


Model FB-08LT standard controller Eurotherm 2204E

The Eurotherm is simple to operate and provides 3 term (PID) control functions.

Digital set and readout of the bath temperature. Power is switched via solid state relay. Parameters within the microprocessor are factory pre-set to obtain the optimum performance from the fluidised bath.

Data Sheet

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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