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Honeywell Analytics Touchpoint Pro

Give your site unmatched safety, compliance and productivity

Honeywell Analytics have developed the Touchpoint Pro as an advanced control system that provides unparalleled safety, compliance and productivity, giving users the high level of confidence in their gas detection.

Users can custom build the exact system they require with the most flexible modular architecture in the industry, while keeping cost contained and operations optimised.

Build your gas control system with total ease and confidence Give your site unmatched safety, compliance and productivity

Compromising is something that Honeywell Analytics have strived to avoid with their gas detection equipment. With the Touchpoint Pro, flexibility and reliability are two factors which never have to be compromised on.

Systems can be centralised, distributed or mixed, along with the option for constant visibility of the gas status and with the added benefit of no downtime that could potentially affect operations and safety.

The Honeywell Touchpoint Pro lets the user decide precisely what sort of system they want, with no difficult setup, low costs and fantastic flexibility.

Data Sheet

Honeywell Analytics Touchpoint Pro

Features & Benefits

  Web server ensures 24/7 system status visibility for constant safety
  Flexible system architecture to meet specific site needs
  Easily accessible system status that can be seen at a glance

Quick Specs

  Up to 64 channels of detection and 128 output channels
  Digital and analogue inputs available
  Mulitple mounting possibilities
  Touchscreen user interface

Please note - Product designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. The user is responsible for determining the suitability of this product.

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